From the Blog

  1. Do NOT handle your leather branded bags immediately after applying hand creams or lotions on your hand. Even though these are great for your skin, they contain mineral oils and waxes that are not compatible with leather. It will attract dirt and soil.
  2. Do NOT use baby wipes, or any other wipes on this type of leather as it may stain.
  3. Do NOT try to remove ink stains as they are non-removable. In some instances, trying to remove it yourself will result in ink stain spreading and worsening the condition of the stain and ruin the entire bag.
  4. Do NOT use your leather branded bags when the weather forecast says it is going to rain as water stains are non-removable when left untreated immediately.
  5. Do NOT expose your leather bag under the hot sun for a long period of time.
  6. Do NOT overload your leather bag as this will change the shape of your bag permanently.
  7. Do the necessary preventive care of water-proofing your leather bag every 2 to 3 months to protect them from excessive damage from water, dirt and etc.
  8. Do moisturize your leather bag every 6 to 9 months to keep it supple and looking good. Moisturizing will prevent it from drying out, resulting in wrinkling and flaking.

Seek advice from us once your prized leather bag is stained so that we can perform the immediate action to rescue your leather bags from permanent damage. If you are unsure about taking care of your leather designer bags, please feel free to call us at 98244522.