Designer Bag Stuffing Pillow

Our specially tailor-made Bag Pillows individually caters to each designer bag, and helps maintain the best shape and contours of your beloved bag when it is not in use.


Designer Bag Organiser

Our tailor-made Bag Organizers fit perfectly into the interior of your designer bags. They not only help you organize your bags by keeping every item easily accessible, but also help to protect the interior of your branded bag from dirt, stains and scratches.


Handles and Strap Protector

Our specially tailor-made Bag Handles and Strap Protector caters to each individual designer bag’s unique shape and design. These make a trendy fashion statement while at the same time protecting the handles of your bags  from the perspiration, oil and dirt that accumulates from normal use.


Designer Bag Base

Our tailor-made Bag Bases cater to the individual designer bag’s shape and design. These bring out the very best shape and contour of your well-loved bag when carrying your essentials, making your luxury bags and you look beautiful and elegant!