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The Original Style
Designer/branded bags come in all shapes and sizes. As they come at a cost, it is crucial to ensure that they are well-maintained. Previous blog entries have touched on the surface maintenance but did you know that the bag’s original shape should be well-maintained too? This will allow the original style of the bag to be sustained throughout its life span.

Treasure hunt?
A lady’s bag usually contains a trove of essential items to tide her through a busy day. Typical items include a wallet, mobile phone, keys, cosmetics, tissue, wet wipes, umbrella and perhaps a book and other little knick knacks.

If you were to put them all in your bag, it may be a little treasure hunt when it comes to locating that one item you need.

Our Bag Organizers
Many Bag Organizers that are easily found in the market are made a generic size and may not fit nicely in your designer bag.

Our available Bag Organizers are tailored to your specific designer bags and you can not only organize your essentials neatly for quick access, they help to hold up the shape of your bag, thus helping to maintain the shape and style of the bag.

Use a Bag Base
To further enhance the shape of your bag, you may also wish to add on a Bag Base which will help to hold up the base of your bag and prevent sagging while carrying your essentials.

Let your bag rest with a Bag Pillow
When not in use, why not put a Bag pillow into your Designer/Branded bag to maintain the shape and contour of the bag.

At Bag Shoe Cleaning Sanctuary, you may find a selection of tailor-made Bag Organizers, Bag Bases and Bag Pillows to suit your Designer/Branded bags.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us at 98244522 or visit us at our Tampines Shop to enquire about customization.